Maggie - 6 month old

Symptoms: Reflux, gas, discomfort, not sleeping, constipation
After 3 treatments:


Just wanted to give you an update on Maggie.

She's doing great! Gas is completely better and reflux is pretty

much gone too.

She's spits up sometimes still but it's not painful for her.

She's going to bathroom at least once/day.

She's even sleeping 12 hours at night which is amazing!

She's all over the place now, started crawling last week.

Thank you for all you did to help her!" 

Taylor - 9 months
Symptoms: Reflux, Ear Infections, Minimal Eater
After 1st treatment:

"We are so thankful that you worked on Taylor today.

I'll have you know that for dinner she ate

2 times more food than usual :)

I was shocked! She just kept eating!

She seems like she's in absolute no discomfort or anything!

Thanks for everything!"

Brent - 1 year old
Symptoms: Severe Reflux, Sleep Disturbances, Overall discomfort  
After 3 treatments:

"Hi- hope you are doing well. I meant to write you a lot sooner-

just wanted to let you know how great Brent has been doing.

He sleeps through the night most of the time and seems like

the reflux is completely gone. He started doing so much better

after the last time you worked with him. I can't thank you enough

for all you did for him! Thank you so much! I cannot believe he is

going to be 1 next week."
Taylor - 1 1/2 years
Symptoms: Chronic ear infections, chronic fevers, minimal eater
Got first set of tubes and continued with fevers and ear infections

After 8 treatments, no fevers or ear infections noted to date:

"I wanted to send you a quick email telling you how

thankful I am for your work with Taylor.  For the first time in her 14 months,

I'm actually not nervous or anxious to take her out to eat or to someone's

house for dinner. Yesterday, my daughter ate more food than I've ever

seen from her before. She ate two huge meals without a struggle for

thanksgiving and let my husband and me enjoy family time and a hot meal!!! 

Her personality has improved and she is exploring food like never before.

She has made such gains in her feeding, especially this week,

and I have you to thank for it! This thanksgiving-I thanked god for you!!! 

I truly appreciate all you have done for Taylor!" 

Oliver - 14 months

Symptoms: Not eating table foods; Diet limited to formula

and purees with no solid foods except for very soft pasta

cut up very finely: Vomiting every time he eats,  

no matter what it is, the entire volume he ingests; 

Gags often and throws up and dry heaves when upset or crying.

After 1 treatment:

Mom reported that he had eaten more in one day then he has in a

year and that he was chewing things for the first time. Had not gagged

or vomited once since treatment.

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that this kid has eaten more today

 than he has in his entire lifetime! Pasta, bigger pieces than he normally ever has,

and he did not gag, he did not do anything. So you have worked wonders on him! Thank you!!"​​


Paul - 5 years old
Dx: Cerebral Palsy with Right Side Involvement;

Flexion patterning of upper extremity at rest; Fisting right

hand at rest and with effort. Very minimal two handed skill; 

Limited use of right side as an assist, 

seemingly unaware of right arm and hand. 

Decreased sensation in right hand – unsure if he had an

object in his hand or not; Decreased manipulation skills.

After several treatments weekly, Paul was able to feel

small objects and pick them up, as the sensation

in his right hand improved in addition to the tightness

being released. He demonstrated controlled release of

objects into a container and turned his palm up with

greater range. He not only used his right hand as an

assist but was able to complete more complex two

handed skills. Less flexion noted at rest. Gross motor

skills and self-help skills improved significantly as well.

Ayden - 4 1/2 years old
DX: Cerebral Palsy with Right Side Involvement;

Flexion patterning of entire upper extremity at rest;

Fisting right hand at rest.

After 10 weekly treatments, Ayden could open and close

 his hand with less effort and use it to manipulate objects

as well as use it as an assist to complete two handed tasks,

including cutting. Most impressively, he stood with his right

arm by his side at rest without the flexion pattern or fisting. 

When asked about his right arm, his only response was

“I got dressed all by myself today!”  with a beaming smile. (At this, I cried). 

​Matthew - 5 years old 
Dx: Brachial Plexus Injury at Birth; 

Developmental Delay with characteristics of Learning Disability

Matthew could not word find to identify colors

(Would say Elmo for Red, Big Bird for Yellow, etc). 

He did not recognize any letters in his name and had

difficulty copying simple shapes and letters. He did not

write any letters in his name. Once he correctly identified

a letter several times in one session, he would lose it within

a few minutes and not be able to correctly identify it again

that day. Week after week this occurred with very minimal

progress with traditional OT. 

After treating him weekly with fascial therapy for about

8 weeks, he not only identified all of the letters

in his name but was able to spell his name in sequence

with picture cards. By 10 weeks he was writing his name

from memory. This would have never happened so quickly,

if at all, with any kind of traditional therapy.



Amelia - 6 Weeks Old
Symptoms:inefficient nursing, poor milk transfer, slow weight gain

After 1st treatment:
Amelia met with Catherine once, and Catherine set a calm, welcoming tone  

and demonstrated the therapy techniques on me, Amelia's mother, so I  
could understand what Amelia would experience.  The therapy was very  
gentle; Amelia slept through a good part of it, and Catherine was  
responsive and warm.  Amelia struggled with inefficient nursing and poor  
milk transfer.  We had worked with two lactation consultants, and we  
were measuring feedings after each nursing session.  Amelia transferred  
twice as much milk after the one session with Catherine.  We had a great  

​Peyton - 3 weeks old

Symptoms: tongue tie/breastfeeding issues, discomfort, sleep issues

Catherine at Integrative Kids is beyond amazing. 

I began to have issues with breastfeeding when my daughter was 3 weeks old. 

We shortly found out that she had tongue tie after I started having issues with plugged ducts and mastitis. 

After getting a much needed frenulectomy my daughter showed some improvement but was still having issues with feeding (I was still getting plugged ducts weekly), was very fussy at times, and not sleeping well during the day. 

In fact, our daughter never took naps which would take a toll on her (and her parents!) by the end of the day. 

Our IBCLC recommended we see a professional who specializes in CST.  We saw a professional for 2 sessions but did not feel that the particular individual we were working with was as friendly and comfortable with us and our infant, as it takes a special personality to bond with these little ones. 

Then…we found Catherine! I honestly cannot say enough great things about Catherine—she’s amazing!  Catherine does an excellent job of working with infants in a flexible and calming environment.  My daughter warmed up to Catherine immediately!  We saw dramatic improvement after our first CST session with Catherine.  Our daughter was less tense and able to move around more freely.  Since we have had more sessions with Catherine our daughter has been taking naps regularly throughout the day, has a stronger suck for breastfeeding, and generally seems much happier.  Additionally she is tolerating tummy time much better (which is crucial for future milestones) and I believe this is a result of therapy.  Overall, I would highly recommend seeing Catherine if your little one has tongue tie or needs CST—if this type therapy is going to help your little one, Catherine is the one who can make it happen!

Kip  - 4 weeks old 

Symptoms: ​tongue tie/latch, discomfort

After 1st visit:
Thank you for following up! I’m glad your were able to work with Kip. My sister and I both thought that he was more relaxed after you treated him. He has been crying less and sleeping better since we saw you. I’m looking forward to our next session! 
Thanks so much!

​Rory - 5 months old

Symptoms: Torticollis, head shape issues (plagiocephaly), discomfort 

Our son had torticollis and a lip/ tongue tie since birth. 

We had the tongue tie corrected at 5 weeks and began traditional PT at 2 months. 

While these methods seemed to improve Rory's ability to nurse he still seemed very uncomfortable. 

His head was misshapen and he would become very upset after being in the same position for just a few minutes. 

At 5 months, upon the recommendation of a lactation consultant I found Catherine.  We saw bits of improvement almost right away.  Rory seemed more comfortable and was nursing with less fussing.  Over several visits with Catherine, Rory's range of motion in his head improved.  His facial symmetry and head shape also dramatically improved.  People now always comment on what a happy and content baby he is, I know that our therapy sessions with Catherine are what has made him so much more comfortable and content.  Catherine is gentle, easy to work with, and most importantly makes sure both you and baby are comfortable with what she's doing.

I can't recommend her highly enough.  It was well worth the investment!!


JLG - Mid 30's

Symptoms: Sciatic pain, Neck pain

After months of discomfort from sciatica pain and tightened neck muscles due to degenerative disc disease, I reached out to Catherine at Integrative Kids and Adults. I was looking for a way to treat my condition without the use of drugs. Yoga and stretching was not helping and I needed to experience relief. Catherine promptly returned my call to set up an appointment and was able to treat me in a timely fashion. She completed a thorough evaluation and asked probing questions about my ailments prior to treatment. After only one session, I left feeling better. Catherine notified me that it may take several treatments and that relief is not always attained immediately. By the third day after my session, I was pain-free. I would highly recommend Catherine's services to anyone looking for an alternative treatment to pain. 

MTB - mid to late 20's

Symptoms: Broken Tailbone with resulting pain 

I fell down a flight of hardwood stairs on my way to clinical rotation.  I hit my tailbone on several steps on my way down. The pain was immediately unbearable. I went to the ER where they did an x-ray that showed my tailbone was fractured in two places. The doctor said there is no way to fix a tailbone, it needs to heal on its own. It could take years and it's possible I'd never fully feel the same. Being in nursing school, I declined the doctor's treatment plan of Vicodin every 6 hours as needed for pain. I knew I had to fix the root of the problem, not just cover it up. I tried ice and Advil for a few months. I thought that it would reduce the inflammation at least. For 6 months, I could not sit for any long period of time without being in serious pain. Any sitting or standing movement was also extremely painful. It affected my sleep. Catherine offered to work on me, and I was skeptical. But I gave it a chance. Anything to feel better! I lied on my back and she spent a great deal of time working on my legs. I thought, "How is THIS going to help my tailbone?" To my shock and delight, the minute I stood up after one treatment, I felt a drastic reduction in pain. Afterwards, I felt a very dull discomfort when sitting, which resolved completely after a few more treatments! It almost sounds too good to be true! I am so thrilled with the results and feel as if I avoided years to possibly even a lifetime of narcotic medications by choosing this alternative therapy with Catherine!! ​


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