Holistic care For All Ages 

What is treatment like?

Therapy is extremely gentle. I will hold my hands very lightly on your child's head and at her low back. I will hold various parts of her body to feel for tightness and wait there until the tightness dissipates. Your child may move some during this, and I will gently support her with that movement. This is never forceful. At times, the symptoms of complaint may arise during treatment - your child may gag, spit up, arch, and so on. All of this is normal and can indicate that healing is occurring. 

How many sessions are recommended?  

Typically parents bring their children in because they are experiencing difficulties in an area such as breathing, feeding, sleeping, digestion, or delayed motor milestones and are looking for improved function. While it is recommended your child is seen weekly at first, session length and frequency can vary upon the child's needs and the family's availability.

About 4 treatment sessions are recommended to start in order to release the tightness and prevent further symptoms. Oftentimes, parents notice improvement in symptoms or other areas after the first treatment with infants and after the first 2 or 3 sessions with toddlers and adolescents. Every child's level and pattern of strain is different and your child's needs are constantly being re-assessed. Therapy is tailored towards those needs with the ultimate goal being discharge.

The reason I am so passionate about this therapy is because it is much more effective than any traditional therapy alone, where your child is seen weekly for years with only fair to good results. This is because traditional therapy alone does not address the underlying cause, tightness within the body. 


Why is my baby tight? 

Tightness in the fascia can be caused by your child's position in utero, the birthing process, and other 'traumas,' ranging from intramuscular injections to a fall off the bed, changing table, bike, or other. Stays in the NICU often lead to secondary problems such as a flat skull on one side and muscles tightening to favor a head turn. Tubes and trachs can cause tightness in the throat and sinuses. Surgeries are a major cause of tightness and often scar tissue as well.    

Often times, nothing specifically happens and we do not always know why a child is tight, just that they are.    

How to prepare?

Children should be dressed in loose, comfortable clothes. Sometimes access to skin is needed so easy on/easy off is best. Ideally children would have completed eating 20 minutes or more before treatment but this is not necessary and we can work within your child's schedule. Bringing a favorite toy, pacifier, or other comfort object is helpful. Sessions usually last between 45 mins and an hour, with breaks as needed. 

What is my role as a parent? 

Sometimes children need to be comforted or distracted so parent involvement to help is  great - holding hands, clapping, singing, etc. You may be asked to hold your child and assist by holding as well. 

What to expect after treatment?

Children are often tired or very hungry immediately after a session. Sometimes they may go through a fussy period as their body adjusts to the treatment but it should be brief and often means they are healing.   


What forms of payment do you accept?

This is a massage therapy practice. I currently accept cash, checks, or credit cards via the Square at this time.